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Cristina Donà @ I Candelai

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Cristina Donà is one of the most intresting singers Italy's recent history she has always been a hit among critics and musicians, and avoiding the stardom and the radio popularity she has built over the years a faithfull fanbase, that has been following her record after record. Her discography is full of gems, and also included an english record arranged by Robert Wyatt a few years ago. Her live performances are real rock'n'roll act but also touching and breathtaking, Cristina and her band can rock a crowd, but also steal your heart! For every one who is looking for the real emotion of a rock concert, for every one who is looking for a real singer, a real unique experience of live music, you can hear one of the most authentic voices of the italian indie music scene in Palermo on the night of the December 7th, in one of the oldest and most important rock venues in town, the Candelai Club, located in the city center, this club has been providing through the years all the best intresting music around since 1996, season after season. Come to Palermo, Cristina Donà is waitng for you to rock your night out in Palermo.

I Candelai Palermo, Via dei Candelai 65, Palermo.

Tickets euro 16,50 at the door or on h.22. doors 20,30.

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