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Genius Rooms

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The Genius Rooms are the real hidden trasure of Palermo. In the heart of the city, (Kalsa Neighborhood), an amazing collection of ancients majolicas is waiting for you in the rooms of a beautiful ancient palace, The Genius Rooms are a journey to through the past, more than a visit, en experience. 

On the glorius wall of a charming palace you are going to see a wonderful collection of majolicas, more than 2300. The owner Pio, is going to guide you through the stories and anectotes, he knows a story about each one. You are going to live a real experience into another time. Visiting the Genius Rooms with Pio is like to enter a time machine, and be taken in the past. Off the beaten path of the traditional tourism in Palermo, the Genius Rooms are a palce that palermhotels suggest to every tourist who loves the charm of small things, to every one who loves the silence and the magic of little secrets. If you want to discover all the hidden treasures of Palermo, book your holiday now with palermhotels. 

The Genius Rooms, Via Garibaldi 11.  (the visit have to be arranged by phone call. 340 097 1561/ 335 688 53 79. Contact us or the management of your hotel to arrange a visit). 

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