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Puppets Museum

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A magic, incredible palce The International Museum of Puppets Antonio Pasqualino, a place that cen put a spell on you. More than a Museum this is a place where you can see one the world largest colletions of of ancient puppets form all over the world, shining suits of armours and everything that makes your kids happy. 

But the most incredible thing is that, The International Museum of Puppets of Palermo is not only a Museum, it's also a theatre where you are goingto see those shining puppets alive on stage, like real heroes! In this amazing puppet museum in the city centre of Palermo, the most important epic plays are staged every week, if you love King Arthur's saga, The Furious Orlando and epic poems in general, The international Museum of Puppets is the place for you. You are going to see, on this small stage, the aventures kinghts against dragons and monsters, boldness warriors fighting to save queens and princesses, everything you love about epic legends. The International museum of Puppets Antonio Pasqualino, in Palermo, is the place where legend and epic stories are back to life, just in front of you, a unique place. Don't miss the incredible occasion to visit this magic place, wonderful for your kids, but not only for them, epic fights, shining swords and dragons are things that never go out of fashion. For the kids that love epic stories but also for everyone who want to discover a magic place, where the past is brought back to life, The International Museum of Puppets Antonio Pasqualino is a must stop. 

Discover the hidden secrets of Palermo with palermhotels, we are going to help you to live a real Palermo experience, not just an holiday. Book now one of our beautiful hotels in Palermo, this town is magic we are going to show you why. 

Adress, via Butera n.  1. Palermo. 

Destination Palermo

Destination Palermo 
If you are in Palermo for business, or on holiday you can stay in of the our Hotels. Our consortium offers you, with its Hotels, quality accomodation in the city center of Palermo, but also near the Palermo airport area, and the sea. 
To make your choice easier we have divided our hotels in four different areas:  City center, Palermo City Area, Mondello e Airport - Gulf of Castellammare

City Center
Our hotels located in Palermo's central area are perfect to visit open air markets, theatres, and turist attractions, and live a real Palermo Experience.

Hotels in Palermo city center

Palermo City Area
Hotels located in strategical area of the city: Hotels near the football stadium Renzo Barbera strategiche, hotel near  Palermo's port, hotels near  Monreale with its famous Cathedral, hotels near  Baida e San Martino delle Scale. In every moment  you can move reach the city area, using public transportation, or a taxi, or simply walking the beautiful streets of Palermo.

Hotel Palermo city area 

Hotels close to the seaside, with private beach, bars and sport facilities. Perfect for a family holiday on the sea. In the summer time Mondello is the heart of the Palermo's nightlife.

Hotels Mondello

Airport and Gulf of Castellamare
Hotels for businnes trips near the Palermo's airport Falcone-Borsellino. Hotels near the amazing coast of Castellamare Gulf, and others beautiful town of Cinisi, Terrasini and Balestrate, that are going to offer you a wonderful blue sea, and all a great warm hearted sicilian hospitality.  gdi lavoro vicino l'aeroporto Falcone-Borsellino.

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